TEXTURE PACK #25- I have been on a texture making mood lately, which is why you’ll be seeing a pack after another. (someone please stop me now…) This pack contains only black and white textures ^^;
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Contains 30 textures total. 

DevianArt: ZIP

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a year without rain (psd #47) - requested by mandyteefeys

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Graphic Tutorial -


Requested by Anon
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good fonts »

!sketchy times : nova : scrapist : quilted butterfly : majestrick : so thin

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texture set #5


36 Textures by Natasha (Set #5)

Once again, thank you for 700 followers! I can’t believe it, and I’m so grateful. Here’s my largest batch yet as a little thanks. Enjoy~

To download, click the picture or go here.

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Photoshop is life: How to remove watermarks from an image


This tutorial is going to show how to remove a tag or a watermark from an image. The photo will go from this to this.

1. Open your photo [File > Open] and resize, add coloring, topaz, etc.

2. Now find the clone stamp tool which looks like this:

and right click and…

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PSD-Gotdynamite Please like if you download

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Photoshop is life: Tutorial - Using Templates


Hi guys :) I did a short tutorial that will, hopefully, help some of you who work with my templates. My Photoshop is in Spanish, so I apologize for any mistake. I will be using Photoshop CS, and will work with this template.

01. Open the template in Photoshop and create a new…

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